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Keep Corinth Beautiful


  • Jim Mayfield, Advisory
  • Lance Hendrik, Chairman
  • Glenn Schedeen
  • Kristen Fisher
  • Haven Hendrik                
  • Hunter Bonner


To empower Texans, through education, to take responsibility for enhancing their community environment.


  • Serves as advisory committee to Mayor & City Council regarding litter prevention, beautification and community improvement, and the minimization of solid waste to the City Council so all city activities might follow a common purpose.


  • Develop citywide refuse and environmental policy plan(s); 
  • Evaluate City actions in light of that policy; 
  • Determine and recommend to the City Council management and program priorities on a citywide basis; 
  • Recommend enforcement and additional program alternatives; 
  • Monitor City performance from data collected he Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Affiliate System guidelines and make an annual report to the City Council; and
  • Carry out such other tasks as the City Council may designate.


  • Accountable to the Mayor & City Council.


  • Members will be nominated by and approved by the City Council. The commission shall consist of representatives from business and industry, media, community organizations, education, and members at large. 
  • The term of each member shall be two (2) years.